Sell uber gift card – give the chance to use taxi almost for free

How to sell uber gift cards?

You probably heard that people can make money from nothing. The majority considers it to be a real art. In fact, everything is quite simple. You can just sell unnecessary things on the Internet. There are lots of marketplaces that specialize on certain goods.

Recently, the popularity of gift card exchange platforms is rapidly growing. The man who invented it is a genius. Every year we get many presents on different occasions. Sometimes we don’t know what to present to a person. What to do? Yes, the answer is simple – give him or her a gift card as a gift. The only trouble is that a person might not need it at all.

If a person has a car, how can he use the uber gift card? And for what? He will pile it anywhere in the house and forget about it. The way-out here is to sell the gift card. You can do it providing the card information on some special marketplaces, for example

How does the mechanism work?

In general, you have two ways of using the gift card. If it is something necessary, you can apply it very soon. What would you do if you have a useless thing? The first idea that occurs is to throw it away. Don’t be in a hurry. The solution can be a bit different from something you got used two. You can sell it to another person who needs it.

No matter what type of card you are possessing, you can find the right marketplace to sell it. Even if you are an owner of an uber gift card, it is not a problem. There are lots of places on the Internet that support all the possible gift cards. You may look through them before selling it.

The process is working quite simple, you just need to provide the exact information about the card and wait until it is bought. Some cards are even bought like hot pancakes. Lots of people might buy the uber gift card to save up on taxi rides.

Is it a real bargain?

Selling uber gift card is one of the ways to get real money absolutely legally. Even some years ago, it was hard to imagine that gift cards can be sold. People usually keep them at home if they don’t need it. Nowadays, you can exchange them for real money. Of course, the price will be a bit lower. Nevertheless, you can get the sum of about 92% of the card price. It is a good deal anyway.

What types of cards are sold?

During recent years, technological progress has changed our life. We use cash rather rarely. We prefer to pay for everything with a card. They can be placed in the mobile phones or even in smartwatches. The situation with the gift cards is almost the same. Traditionally, there are three types of gift cards are available:

  1. E-gift card;

  2. Plastic card;

  3. Corporate gift card.

Each type has its pros and cons. While using an e-gift card, you don’t need to keep a piece of plastic in the wallet. When you are going to sell it on any marketplace, you can do it easily. You won’t need to use post to send the gift card. You can do everything on the website. Just upload the accurate information about the gift card and wait until it is bought.

Some sites provide the chance to sell all the types of cards. You can sell an e-gift card or a real one by sending it to the company. The process of selling will be a bit longer, but you will get your money for sure.

How can I know that my card is sold?

When you visit the marketplace specializing in selling gift cards, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully. All the process of selling will be described there in details. The first step you should take is to create a new user account on the website. Then you will get the chance to upload the card information.

When you do it, it will take some time to check the validity of the card. It is usually done very quick. The process can be observed in your personal account. Sometimes the notifications are provided that the status has been changed. You need to choose the right way of getting money. When the card is sold, you will get the notification. Withing 48 hours approximately, you will get your money.


When you get a gift card, you can either use it or sell for real money. Even if it is an uber gift card, it is not a problem. Current exchange platforms provide the chance to sell almost any kind of the card. In exchange, you will get real money that you can spend on various things. It is much better than keeping the thing you will never use.

Besides, the process of selling is quite simple. You can do it with three steps. It is a good chance to get rid of the card that is not valuable for you. Probably, the demand for an uber gift card will be rather high. This service is quite popular in many countries, so you can sell it to any nook of the world.