How to sell nike gift card?

Gift card as an opportunity to save money

A gift certificate is a free-form receipt establishing its holder's right to receive the product/service specified in the certificate. In other words, when a citizen buys a certificate, he enters into a contract of sale with an enterprise (store, salon or other organization). The money he pays for the certificate is a prepayment. After receiving it, the company undertakes to provide a product or service to you or to the person to whom you give the cherished voucher. It turns out that the certificate is money, which the owner of the certificate can spend only in a certain place.

The certificate has a certain face value - this is the amount the certificate holder can spend on a gift:

  • The owner of the gift certificate comes to the store;

  • The owner chooses a thing and pays, but not with money, but with the certificate.

If there is not enough money for the purchase, you can pay the missing amount.

Money-back options

The most obvious option, you were given a certificate for the purchase of goods in the store, you must use it to purchase a product that is subject to exchange and return in accordance with the laws of the country. Having returned the purchase to the seller within the required time, the seller will pay you in cash, not with a new certificate.

The next option for refunding the money for the certificate is after its expiration date. After that date, ask the seller for a refund, citing unjust enrichment on his part. If he refuses, you have every right to write a claim to his address and go to court:

  • The first step on the way to get the money is to communicate with the store: ask it to accept the certificate back and return you the amount of the face value. You can try to do it verbally, in case of refusal you can draw up and send or leave a written application at the store (don't forget to get an incoming number on your copy).

  • If the certificate holder has not used or does not want to use the certificate for any reason, the store has unjust enrichment.

According to the law this is inadmissible. So, the certificate holder can return it to the store at any time and without any conditions. It is not necessary to explain the reasons. And no internal store rules, even if they hang on the stand or are written on the Internet, have any effect on the possibility of return. The law is always above any store rules they come up with themselves.

To get a refund for the certificate, you need a receipt or other evidence that money was paid for it, because if it was received for free, it is incorrect to claim it as a discount coupon.

For those who are prone to unplanned, spontaneous purchases, a gift coupon will come in handy. If the certificate is limited in amount, which is most often the case, the recipient will not spend too much money and will be able to save money and keep their budget.

Online/offline sales

Most large stores conduct their sales activities both online and offline. For example, a store of fashionable women's clothing. In that case, the certificates purchased will be valid both on the site and in the boutique. If there is an opportunity to try on the product before purchase, most likely the recipient will go and try it on. A satisfied customer who bought a product once, even with a card, is more likely to return to the store for a repeat purchase.

The opportunity to save money thanks to 

At it is possible to buy a gift voucher online, which will allow you to make bargain purchases all over the world and at the same time to get bonuses for purchases. Also, anyone who has a large number of gift cards and does not know how to use them, or does not need them, can sell these coupons at and within 48 hours the money from the sale of the cards will go to the seller's account.

If the seller of the vouchers has questions about the transaction of purchasing bonus cards, then the site has a section "24/7 customer support", where the person will be able to get answers to all his questions.

Email a gift card

Every person who want to sell this type of gift certificate could choose a design, select an amount of this card and send this card to another people immediately.

In order to sell a Nike gift card, you must follow these steps:

  • register at;

  • go to the catalog of the certificates;

  • choose among the offered cards the Nike voucher.

Daily bonus

The sale of the coupons also provides for a $5 bonus. Employees of the site undertake to pay you 75% of the value of the card. Don't forget that for this site only such types of vouchers as promotional gift cards that work only in certain locations or on specific products are accepted.


Today the online sale of bonus cards is possible thanks to the website And it is to get cash and some interest from the sale. Thanks to the gift certificates you can give travel, cosmetics, things. A bonus card is a gift, which any person will be happy about, because the voucher can be chosen for any taste.