Online services where you can sell Delta Air Lines gift card

How to sell Delta Air Lines gift card?

The number of unused certificates is growing steadily. Surely, you are familiar with the situation when so much plastic accumulates on the desk or in the wallet. At the same time, you are not going to use the data carrier. Meanwhile, the validity of plastic cards is gradually expiring. The best option in this case is the idea of reselling such certificates. So, you solve three tasks at once:

  • dispose of unnecessary things in the house;

  • get extra money;

  • share things with people that will be handy.

To sell gift vouchers, it is necessary to consider the specifics of the certificate and, accordingly, choose a suitable platform for this purpose.

What gives Delta Air Lines loyalty certificates?

Delta is an American operator and the key airline company that was founded in 1925. Transportation covers 6 continents, and planes fly on the territory of more than 52 countries. Delta Air Lines gift cards give you the opportunity to exchange miles for dream flights. Now the obliged can choose the route independently and use the gift certificate with benefit. The company offers three options of plastic cards:

  • standard;

  • corporate;

  • individual.

Individual certificates are given for special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. You can install your own image on such carrier, or just get along with a nice backdrop.

Corporate gift cards are created to attract customers and top up client databases. The main advantage of such certificates is an indefinite expiration date.

You can use Delta Air Lines cards

  • on airline ticket booking sites,

  • on the company's official website.

Important note: eGift vouchers can’t be activated within three days after purchase. The money from the certificate account can be used not only to pay for the flight, but also for related fees. These can be taxes, commissions. However, they can’t be applied to baggage payments, additional purchases, etc.

In the original, the currency of Delta Air Lines gift certificates is USD. But when paying for tickets, a converting is available.

It is also essential to understand that, according to the brand policy, unused vouchers can only be transferred as a gift (that is, free of charge). Otherwise, they are canceled. That is why it is necessary to resell such certificates competently. To do this, pick the right platform for this purpose, for example,

How to effectively sell non-used Delta Air Lines certificates?

To sell Delta Air Lines gift cards, that you no longer need, visit a reliable service for the sale of gift certificates. One of them is SellGift. This e-platform gives the opportunity to return the funds and transfer your thing to those who really need it. To dispose a card, you need to register on the portal and pass a card check for its uniqueness and functioning. After that, within two days, money will be credited to the balance in the system.

Sometimes the process takes longer, but no more than three working days. The withdrawal takes place in 24 hours. Thus, you receive money almost instantly, without waiting for the moment when a card will be sold.

So, the purchase of gift certificates is carried out by the SellGift service. Therefore, don’t worry about the security of your personal data and crediting the amount to the virtual account.

Another advantage of SellGift is that you do not need to specify your phone number or bank card numbers. Identification is extremely simple – you should specify only the active email. The platform works on the basis of SSL algorithms, so the transactions are protected strongly.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the technical support of the service. Specialists work around the clock, so they can provide you with timely assistance.

After registration, you will receive an account with blocks “Purchases” and “Sales”. This way you can control all the transactions. The service can offer you more than 75% of the cost of the original certificate, but in different cases the prices may vary.

The price of Delta Air Lines cards starts from $25. You enter this or another amount in the appropriate field. After that, you will automatically receive the final cost of the product offered by SellGift. After that, you click on the “Get offer” button and after reading the terms and conditions, continue submitting the application. Payments are made in cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin;

  • USDT;

  • Ethereum, etc.

ACH payment and PayPal payments are also available.

Enter the card number and PIN (if available). After that, a request for card verification will be created. Then, expect the result within 48 hours. Track status of the application in a personal account. So, if you have extra eGift Delta Air Line cards, you can safely resell them on .